HSK Sähkö Oy


HSK Sähkö Ltd receives significant export orders


Kalajoki-based HSK Sähkö Ltd has received two significant export orders to Swedish power generation sector.

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Keimola 110/20 kV substation project up and running


Extension of Vantaan Energia’s Keimola 110/20 kV substation has reached installation phase of the 110 kV switchyard when HSK Sähkö Oy started installation works on the site in the beginning of June 2017.

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Transformer substation delivery to Raahe


HSK Sähkö Ltd. has signed a contract with Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing in Raahe District to deliver new transformer substation for Raahe hospital

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HSK Sähkö ltd. has opened a new office at Oulu


HSK Sähkö Ltd. has opened a new office at Rusko area, Oulu on 1st of March 2017.

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Janne Kokkinen started HSK Sähkö's Sales Manager


The beginning of september Janne Kokkinen started HSK Sähkö's Sales Manager . Janne has global experience of the energy sector.

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Raahe's Kuntokeidas Vesipekka rooftop height


HSK Sähkö acts as a electrical contractor in Raahe Kuntokeidas Vesipekka renovation and expansion project. A two-stage construction is started allready in september 2014

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Technical building service news from summer


Technical building electrical installations has employed HSK electricians well throughout the summer. Some works has been completed and the new ones has started. At the moment we are working on many places. Here is quick overview of techincal building services news

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The building work proceeds at a good pace in Hiekkasärkät


Rakennus Kartio is constructing the Asunto Oy Herrain Hiekat apartment house and it will be finished by autumn 2015.

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Work for city of Varkaus begin


Work for city of Varkaus begin.

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Renovation work of overhead lines


HSK Sähkö Ltd has done a renewal work for overhead lines along highway 8 in Himanka.

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Pajukoski wind farm building


TM Voima Service Ltd. constructed nine 3,3 MW Vestas V126 wind turbines’ park in Pajukoski, Ylivieska. HSK shows its know-how in contract of Suomen Maastorakentajat Ltd.

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Contract news


14.4.2014 Contract news

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Christmas greetings from HSK Sähkö


HSK Sähkö thanks all clients for the ending year and wishes merry christmas and happy new year 2014.

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Vesikolmio Ltd and HSK Sähkö Ltd has made an agreement


Vesikolmio Ltd and HSK Sähkö Ltd has made an agreement.

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Contract news from HSK Sähkö


Contract news from HSK Sähkö

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HSK Sähkö Ltd has bought a share of Joupet Ltd


"We will strengthen our position in infrastructure building".

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HSK Sähkö Ltd made a contract with Elenia Verkko Ltd


HSK Sähkö Ltd made a contract with Elenia Verkko Ltd.

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Works of Rohtola has started


HSK Sähkö carries through Rohtola’s electricity contract to Rakennushollari. The site includes business premises to downstairs and apartments to upstairs, the total space are 970 m2. Work has started in summer 2012 and will continue by the end of the year.

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