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An electronic know-how since 2004.

A full service electrical contractor

Täyden palvelun sähköurakoitsija

HSK Sähkö Ltd. is a diversified and protean full service electrical contractor founded in 2004. Our staff has a strong experience and know-how for electrical engineering works. We sustain our professional skills by constant education. We maintain the street lighting, install mains technology in houses, build the electricity networks, do the automation systems and design the electricity so in public as a private. Our operating area is the whole of Finland.

The company provides employment for 60 people. Personnel have modern meters, tools and methods in use. We carry out even the big projects flexibly with our partnership company Joupet Ltd.

When you need help to small installations or constructor to bigger electrical installations, 

do not hesitate to contact us!

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Electricity networks

HSK Sähkö has a strong experience of electricity network designing, documentation, building and maintaining. 

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Building service technology

We do the electrical work of new and renovation targets. Our customers are public and  private constructors,  construction firms, industry  trade and agriculture.

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HSK Sähkö knows the electrotechnology of roads. A functioning and correctly planned street lighting adds roads’ safety.

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We do the electricity designs and documentations professionally to households and distribution networks.

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HSK Sähkö Ltd receives significant export orders


Kalajoki-based HSK Sähkö Ltd has received two significant export orders to Swedish power generation sector.

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