HSK Sähkö Oy

Building service technology

Electrician of the full service

We do the electrical work of new and renovation targets. Our customers are public and private constructors, construction firms, industry trade and agriculture. Our reliable and skilled electricians manage all the electrical work from the small electrical work of the home to the needs of agriculture and industry. The new and renovation targets, ADP and safety systems and air source heat pump installations and maintenance belong to our branch. Thanks to our strong and flexible resources we can react for rapidly changing needs.

Materials also to private section

In our equipment shop in Kalajoki you will find a comprehensive selection of the electrical equipment to both home and agriculture.  In our selection there are always reliable and high-quality products from the lighting fixtures and wall sockets of the home, to the air source heat pump and to the reserve power machines.

You can become acquainted with products which are obtained through us also on the sides of the Elfin chain. http://www.elfin.fi/tuoteryhmat

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