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Solar power

Produce your own energy

With a solar power system you can produce energy easily. Photovoltaic panels absorb and convert sunlight into electricity without any emissions and for free. In the Southern Finland solar radiation is on same level than it is in the Middle Europe. In the Northern Finland yearly sum of global irradiation is about 900 kWh/m2 on the optimized surface. (Source: http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/cmaps/eu_cmsaf_opt/G_opt_FI.pdf )

Solar panels for you

You get the best benefit from solar power system when you base it for your electricity consumption. Especially you may observe your summer time electricity consumption when the solar energy production is maximized. The best way to make sure you get the right sized system you may take a contact to our company’s solar energy specialist. Solar power system works totally automatically and it doesn’t require maintenance. To clean the panels, a brisk rain is often enough.

Profitability of solar power

For PV panels manufacturer offers 25 years linear power warranty. The payback time of the investement is shortened considerably by the energy aid. Companies and communities may get 25 % energy aid and farms even 40 %. Private persons may get tax deduction from system’s installation cost. There is also the possibility for export financing for projects abroad. For companies and agriculture, we offer a larger scale solar systems as a turnkey service through design, aid application and installation of the system.



Solar system’s electricity production potential in the area of North Ostrobothnia when the system is optimally mounted.