HSK Sähkö Oy


The building work of the nuclear power plant of Pyhäjoki that has been planned to Hanhikivi was begun by building a road on the area in 2014. Building the nuclear power plant is a really big contract and in addition to office space there are also other auxiliary buildings under construction.

HSK Sähkö has prepared purposefully for the project and got immediately along to the electrification work of Hanhikivi.

The work in the area of the nuclear power plant of Hanhikivi was begun by drawing the Fennovoima’s electricity connection to the area of Hanhikivi 1. HSK Sähkö carried out the cabling work and connection work of an electricity extension and fibre extension.

The next project of the Hanhikivi new road was made street lightning and electrical installations at the gates and the construction centers.

2015 Electricity connection to Hanhikivi 1, Pyhäjoki (Fennovoima)
2015 Road street lightning
2015 Electricalworks for fence, car heating and construction centers
2016 Timeworks inTraining Building

Year: 2015-

Customer: Fennovoima