HSK Sähkö Oy

Holiday Housing Fair, Kalajoki

Holiday Housing Fair was held in area of Hiekkasärkät Kalajoki 2014. HSK Sähkö Ltd was along electrifying the fair’s targets. Altogether, HSK was involved to four targets, of which the greatest target was As Meritähti Ltd. Meritähti is a brilliant three floor apartment house which uses geothermal heat. There are 18 apartments and HSK did all the electricity installation work for the house.
Besides Meritähti, HSK did the electrification work for three other smaller holiday houses. Also the street lighting of the area of Holiday Housing Fair is carried out by HSK Sähkö Ltd.

2013-2014 Meritähti, Kalajoki hiekkasärkät Kalajoki (Construction firm, Nivat&Forss Oy)
2014 Holiday Housing Fair -properties Kalajoki (Several)

Year: 2013-2014

Customer: Rakennusliike Nivat&Forss Oy / useita