HSK Sähkö Oy

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka

HSK Sähkö acts as a electrical contractor at Raahe's Kuntokeidas Vesipekka renovation and expansion project. Vesipekka was in years 2015 and 2016 one of the biggest projects on our Building Service Technology terms.

A two-stage construction was started already in september 2014. In the summer 2015 Kuntokeidas Vesipekka closed from users, when works was started on a larger scale. Construction works comprise the entire property. In Vesipekka will renewed pool facilities, gymnastic, ball hall, bowling alley, service point and cafeteria. Renovation parts gross floor area is 3900m2 and expansion part about 4400m2. The project total cost estimate is about 13,7million euros.

Kuntokeskus Vesipekka was opened in two stages. Extension part was introduced in April 2016 and renovation part at the end of the year.

Year: 2016

Customer: Raahen seudun uimahallisäätiö