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Pajukoski wind farm

TM Voima Service Ltd. constructed nine 3,3 MW Vestas V126 wind turbines’ park in Pajukoski Ylivieska. HSK showed its know-how in contract of Suomen Maastorakentajat Ltd. The contract includes the subterranean cabling from wind turbines to the substation of 100/30kV and also the 110 kV connections from Uusnivala substation to Pajukoski substation. Also building the fibre cable network from wind turbines to substation included the contract.

Pajukoski’s wind farm building started in 2014 and it is going to be completed by autumn 2015.

2015 Pajukoski wind farm: high voltage cabling. Ylivieska (TM Voima Service)

Year: 2015

Customer: TM Voima Service