HSK Sähkö Oy

Pyhänkoski wind farm

Pyhänkoski wind farm is owned by Pyhänkosken Tuulivoima Ltd, but constructed by Puhuri Ltd. Wind farm has four 3,3 MW Vestas V126 wind turbines and farm’s total nominal power is 13,2 MW. The electricity and fibre cabling work and installations from wind turbines to Ristiveto’s substation were done by HSK Sähkö Ltd.

Pyhänkoski wind farm’s construction started in summer 2014 and it will be finished by summer 2015.

2015 Pyhänkoski wind farm: cabling work. Merijärvi (Pyhänkosken Tuulivoima Oy)

Year: 2015

Customer: Pyhänkosken Tuulivoima Oy