HSK Sähkö Oy

Rautapohja ja Ylivieskan kodinkeskus

Construction firm Nivat & Forss Ltd built the K-Rauta Rautapohja’s new commercial hall and storage and also Ylivieska’s Kodinkeskus several commercial halls property in the area of Savari in Ylivieska.

HSK Sähkö Ltd carried out the target as a comprehensive contract from the electricity design to the electrical engineering. The commercial hall and storage are a big wholeness which employed the HSK’s electricians during the years 2011-2012. About 10 000 m2 of covered and electrified room was built in the target.
In the electrical engineering of the shopping center, among others, a smoke ejector and sprinkler center had to be taken into consideration in addition to normal electricity cabling, an aerial system and data transfer system. In a modern business premises the sound reproduction system, an alarm system and escape lighting is an important part of the planning. Merely, over 800 pieces of lighting equipment were installed to the target.

2012 Ylivieskan Kodinkeskus, commercial hall and storage, Ylivieska (Ylivieskan kodinkeskus)
2012 Rautapohja Ltd, Ylivieska (Rakennusliike Nivat&Forss Ltd)

Year: 2011-2012

Customer: Rakennusliike Nivat&Forss Oy / Ylivieskan kodinkeskus