HSK Sähkö Oy

Savon Voima Oy

Savon Voima Ltd is one of the Finland’s biggest sellers of energy services. Company operates in 21 municipalities’ area in Savo. Savon Voima Ltd has already employed HSK’s electricians for few years. In the distribution network of Savon Voima we have cabled the low voltage network. The work contains demolition of old low-voltage lines, renewing the distribution cabinets and subterranean cabling. In 2014 low voltage renewing were done 10km.

HSK’s contract for Savon Voima is also attached the streetlight changing for city of Varkaus. In 2015 hundred of streetlights and their substations were changed in Varkaus.

2013 - Low-voltage line renewing, Varkaus (Savon Voima Oy)
2013 - Street lighting renewing, Varkaus (Varkauden kaupunki )

Year: 2013-

Customer: Varkauden kaupunki / Savon Voima Oy