HSK Sähkö Oy

Street lights for Savisilta, Ylivieska

Ylivieska’s Savisilta is a 100 meters long, Finland’s second oldest ferroconcrete bridge. Savisilta has a long history. For the first, it was a cartway bridge and for long it was town’s only all-year bridge.

In 2012 city of Ylivieska had the renovation done and at the same time bridge’s lights were changed. The highlighting was made to the bridge with projectors. HSK Sähkö Ltd carried out the scenic lighting for the bridge and the electrical work for fountain in front of the bridge.

2012 Street lights for Savisilta, Ylivieska (Ylivieskan kaupunki)

Year: 2012

Customer: Ylivieskan kaupunki