HSK Sähkö Oy

Verkko-Korpela Oy

HSK Sähkö Ltd has done a renewal work in low voltage and medium voltage network for Verkko-Korpela’s distribution network.

HSK Sähkö’s staff has a strong know-how from already rarer overhead line –building. Cabling work for overhead lines has been done in Verkko-Korpela’s distribution network along highway 8 in Himanka. The work has also contained the demolition works of an old air cable and separator.

Our staff has also been repairing the fault situations and breaks caused by storms in the area of Verkko-Korpela distribution network.

2014 - Renovation work of overhead lines, Several sites (Verkko-Korpela Oy)

Year: 2014-

Customer: Verkko-Korpela Oy